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Our Mission

RFDesigns' mission is to combine creative excellence with the technical expertise necessary to deliver rich, innovative lighting concepts to projects of any scale. We provide lighting designer/ director, programming, drafting, and consultation services for a wide variety of projects from private events to stadium-sized productions.

RFDesigns was founded by lighting designer/director Rachel Mullen in January, 2010. Rachel has been designing and programming lighting professionally since 2006. A dynamic and versatile designer, her work has spanned theater, concerts, television productions, corporate events, exhibitions, and night clubs. She has worked throughout the United States and abroad with leading firms such as PRG, Creative Technology and Delicate Productions, and working with ESPN, John Leguizamo, Summer X-Games, BlizzCon, Meghan Trainor, E3 (Atari), Maroon 5, Skylar Grey,  Demi Lovato, John Deere, and Drone Racing League.

RFDesigns is based in San Diego, California



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